Thursday, 12 May 2016

Transitions workshop one

Review of the first Transitions Workshop:
On the 28 of April, 10 different organisations came together to present and share ideas for the upcoming scoping research that will be conducted in our community.
Thanks to the awesome organisations that are already making a difference for our young people transitioning through education, life and career milestones. The list includes organisation who attended the first workshop and also some who are supporting behind the scenes with data and developing the a system change in our community regarding transitions. Many thanks to Manawa for leading the meeting and getting so many voices to be heard.

Organisations involved: 
Project PETER
Wesley Intermediate
Mt Roskill Intermediate
Mount Roskill Grammar School
Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB Cluster 7)  
Auckland Community Education Services (ACES)
Salvation Army Mt Albert - Mentoring
Critical Pixels
Careers NZ
COMET Auckland
Global Lighthouse and Roskill South Aspire Mentoring

Goals for meeting together to discuss transitions-
- communicating the Project PETER vision to the working group
- extracting your thoughts on how a study could be beneficial for their work
- what is happening already that is successful?
- who's stories we should capture?
- discuss recommendations for future activity/funding
- people to attend (brain dump)

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